Welcome to the world of Swissten

Swissten is a brand of mobile phone accessories that finds inspiration in Switzerland's precision and emphasis on quality. Swissten came on the market in 2015 with a model series of travel chargers and car chargers, and from that point on, we are growing year by year.

In the Swissten portfolio, there are now more than 1850 different products, and the number is still growing and not showing any signs of stopping.

travel chargers

Together with car chargers, travel chargers were the first products in Swissten portfolio. Now you can find in our offer lots of different models of travel chargers in several levels of output. No matter what type of mobile phone you have, Swissten travel chargers are with microUSB connector, USB-C connector and lightning connector and also with USB port. Fast charging is becoming more and more popular, so we can offer to you also chargers with all new charging protocols (PD, Qualcomm, etc.)

quick / smart ic chargers

If time is money for you, you should choose some item from this line of travel chargers. In Swissten portfolio, you can find chargers with qualcomm quick charge technology, power delivery technology or smart IC technology. All these items can save your time and makes your life better.


wireless chargers

Don\'t like cables? You can find in Swissten portfolio lots of variants wireless chargers and you can recharge your smartphone quick and without cables.


car chargers

Together with travel chargers, car chargers were the first products in Swissten portfolio. Thanks to 11 different models, you no longer have to deal with the problem of discharger mobile phone in your car. You can find these products on gas stations all over the Czech Republic.

power banks

Swissten offers 9 models of power banks, which differs in capacity and input connectors. Specialities of this line are power banks with lightning input and wireless power bank.

data cables

No matter if you have micro USB or USB-C connector on you smartphone, with Swissten USB cables you will able to charge it or synchronize your data with the PC.

We are also preparing complete new model line of textile cables in metallic colors.

usb-c hubs

Swissten usb-c hubs



There are 2 lines of earphones in Swissten portfolio - Dynamic, Rainbow.

Swissten Earbuds RAINBOW are for the users, which prefers good-quality sound and very favorable price . These plastic earphones have 3.5 mm jack connector, built-in microphone and multifunctional button. You can choose from 2 different colors.

SWISSTEN EARBUDS DYNAMIC earphones from the METAL DYNAMIC line are characterized by combination of high quality metal body and favorable price. The earphones have 3.5mm jack, built-in microphone and multi-function button.

car holders

Swissten portfolio consists of 19 models, which offers to you wide spectrum of attachment systems for your smartphone in car or on bike. You can find there holders with attachment on dashboard, windshield, air vent, CD slot or headrest and holders with different jaws or magnetic heads.

bike holders

Swissten bike holders


bluetooth speakers

There are three models of bluetooth speakers in Swissten brand. Model X-BOOM is bluetooth speaker with IPX5 and rubber surface. These features makes him a great partner for different outdoor activities. Other two models, i-METAL and MUSIC CUBE, are popular because of their good sound, nice design and reasonable price.

bluetooth headsets

Three different models of bluetooth headset: traditonal UL-9 and and Active for sport.

You can choose perfect Swissten bluetooth headset for different activities.

smartphone cases

In brand Swissten are 3 types of protective case: 2 types of silicon back cover and 1 type of book case.

Swissten Clear jelly case - Transparent silicone case.
Swissten Soft Joy case - Color silicone case with perfectly fitting cutouts for the camera and moldings for buttons.
Swissten Shield case - The elegant Swissten shield book case excels in slim design. Pleasant addition are two pockets for payment cards, magnetic closure and the possibility of creating stand.

tempered glass

In brand Swissten are 3 basic types of protective glass: standard tempered glass, case friendly tempered glass, and Ultra durable 3D full glue glass.

Case friendly glass is designed to be used in combination with any case, while protecting the smartphone as far as possible to the edges of the display.

Ultra durable 3D full glue glass completely covers whole display. Thanks to 3D curvature perfectly fits on your smartphone. Ultra durable 3D full glue glass has glue on the entire back of tempered glass, not only on the outer edges.

selfie sticks

If you are fan of modern phenomenon \"selfies\", our sticks are designed for you. You can choose between wired selfie stick and bluetooth selfie stick.